There are a number of rules that relate to or affect the Highlands Region. The Highlands Council works in collaboration with other state agencies to ensure coordination of activities and programs affecting the Highlands.



The Highlands Council does not issue permits, but does review proposed projects throughout the Highlands Region for consistency with the Highlands Act and Highlands Regional Master Plan (RMP) (See "Project Review" link at left).  Applications involving projects in the Preservation Area are reviewed and permitted by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), Division of Land Use Regulation. Additional information is available via the link below. 


Permit Extension Act

Because the Highlands Council is not a permitting authority, it does not make jurisdictional determinations regarding the effect of the Permit Extension Act on permits in the Highlands.  Permit holders should contact the municipality and/or agency that issued the permit/approval to determine whether it is subject to the Act. Additional guidance is available from the NJDEP via the link below.

  • NJDEP Permit Extension Act Information - NJDEP Note: This advisory guidance is non-binding. Any interested party or permit holder should not in any way rely to any extent on the advisory guidance provided herein. This advisory guidance should not be construed as legal advice.