Keri Green is a Senior Resource Management Specialist for the New Jersey Highlands Water Protection and Planning Council. Her background includes expertise in rare, threatened and endangered (RT&E) species habitat evaluation and extensive environmental consulting experience.

Prior to joining the Highlands Council staff, Keri worked with both government and private sector organizations, including the Air Force, Army, New Jersey Turnpike Authority and Department of Energy. Her project work included surveys and inventories of project sites for the presence of RT&E species as well as full catalogs of fauna and flora.

Keri has served on the Township of Green Brook’s Environmental Commission since 2007, serving as Chair in 2009. She is a founding member of Green Brook’s Green Design Group, a sub-committee to Township Committee formed to advise township officials and residents on green initiatives and energy conservation measures.

Keri received her B.S. in Natural Resource Management and Applied Ecology from Rutgers University, Cook College. She is also a NJ Certified Teacher of High School Science and is certified by The Cloud Institute in Education for Sustainability.