The Water Quality Management Planning Rules (N.J.A.C. 7:15) adopted by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) require that all areas of New Jersey be addressed by Wastewater Management Plans (WMPs). 

Where the Highlands Council has approved a Petition for Plan Conformance for an entire municipality, the Highlands Council will develop a draft WMP in collaboration with the municipality and NJDEP. When the municipality concurs with the draft WMP, it is provided to NJDEP for final review, public comment and adoption.  Through this process, municipalities are able to implement new sewer service areas and other WMP provisions that conform with the Highlands Regional Master Plan on a more expeditious schedule.

The status sheet below lists all municipalities to-date that have received approval of a Petition for Plan Conformance applicable to the whole of the jurisdiction, and indicates the status of WMP development and adoption.

PLEASE NOTE: These documents are posted here as a courtesy to the municipalities and NJDEP.  All public comments must be submitted to NJDEP, in accordance with the New Jersey Register notice published on the date listed. LexisNexis provides free on-line public access to the New Jersey Register.  The Highlands Council does not accept public comments on WMPs, as only NJDEP has the authority to adopt these plans.

Wastewater Management Plans